.: About the School of Postgraduate Studies

The School of Postgraduate Studies of Kogi State University, Anyigba commenced in 2008, eight (8) years after the establishment of the University. This came after eight years of undergraduate training, leading to the successful graduation of four generations of undergraduate students. It also came in the wake of series of successful NUC accreditation performance in undergraduate programmes, when the Senate of the University revived previous efforts to make progress by putting the School of Postgraduate Studies in place.
The School of Postgraduate Studies was established to enable the University award higher degrees through postgraduate training and research. It is charged with the responsibility of helping departments to improve on their training programmes so as to provide qualified manpower for Kogi State University and other Universities, the private sector, other institutions of higher learning, public corporations and parastatals, federal and state governments.

  • Vision of the Postgraduate School
    Kogi State University has the vision of a Postgraduate School that will promote research and scholarship which are intellectually inspired by the needs of the local, national and international communities, leading to the award of higher degree and Postgraduate Diplomas with global reputation in diverse disciplines.

    Mission of the Postgraduate School
    The mission of Postgraduate School is to harness the human and physical resources of the various academic programmes of the University to build capacity for training and research to produce research graduates that will be respected for their academic and intellectual prowess, locally and internationally.

    Core Values
    The School of Postgraduate Studies has as it’s core values a culture of excellence in teaching and research. The School upholds diligence, integrity and timeliness in service delivery with the aim of producing graduates who will be outstanding in academics and research and who will compete shoulder high with their contemporaries globally.