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Registration and screening Exercise will commence from Monday 14th March, 2016 and closes on Friday 28th, March 2016 two weeks from the commencement date, 25th January, 2016.
Late registration commences from Monday, 28th March, 2016 to end on Friday, 5th April, 2016 with a late registration fee of N5,000 only
Details of registration procedure are as follows:
  + Method of Application

. : Registration Procedures : New Students

Step 1: Go to any branch of ECO BANK nationwide and pay the sum of Five Thousand Naira (N5, 000) for your Acceptance Fee, Admission Letter and Orientation. Note: Ensure that you collect a PIN from the Bank after Payment.
  Note: The ECO BANK Account Details is as follows:
  ACCOUNT NUMBER: 2883060019
Step 2: Logon to http://spgs.ksu.edu.ng/portal and Click on "Student Login" Link
Step 3: Kindly Login with your Form Application Number e.g PG/MSC/16/1001 use the word "password" as your inital password to logon to the portal
Step 4: Once you have logged in successfully, you will be prompted to Pay for your Admission Letter.
Step 5: You will be provided with two payment gateway i.e Zenith Bank X-path and Interswitch payment Platform
  Kindly select the zenith Bank X-path payment Platform [Note: We are currently working on our online payment integration to make payment seamless. Please bear with us]
Step 6: Enter your Payment PIN Obtained from designated bank of your payment.
Step 7: You will be required to update the underlisted data:
  1. Passport Upload (Red background)
  2. Phone Number
  3. Nationality
  4. Religion
  5. Date of Birth
  Note: Ensure to use a valid email Address and Phone Number. Frequently check this mail for updates and information from time to time
Step 8: After updating your information, a confirmation link will be sent to your email box provided. Logon to your E-mail and click on the account activation link.
Step 9: Change your Password as required
  Note: An Email containing the details of your new account setup will be sent to your mail for future reference incase you forget.
Step 10: Print Out your Admission Letter and download the under listed documents ready for screening:
  1. Admission letter (coloured)
  2. Acceptance of Offer
  3. Course Registration Form
  4. Main Registration Form
  5. Original and photocopy of State of Origin Certificate
  6. Birth Certificate/Declaration of Age
  7. PIN from bank for the admission letter
  8. Medical Certificate from Kogi State University Health Services Unit
Step 11: Present yourself for screening at the school of Postgraduate Studies (Check Notice Board for details)
Step 12: Collect two registration files from the Accountant's office in the School of Postgraduate Studies
Step 13: Submit completed registration forms in a file to your department and the School of Postgraduate Studies.
  Important Information
*** All Staff of Kogi State University Should present a letter of release from the University
  Do not pay school fees until you have been screened accordingly. Failure to follow the afforementioned instructions is strictly at your own risk.
  If at anytime you need clarification, send an email and clearly state your registration Number in all your mail accordinly to:
  for technical support: support@ksu.edu.ng
  for academic information: spgs@ksu.edu.ng

. : Registration Prodcedure : Returning Students

. : 2015/2016 Postgraduate School Fees Scheduled

To be provided in mean time, however you can visit School of Postgraduate Studies for enquiry before payment. Thank you